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Rev. Dr. Judy Y. Chung is an ordained elder of the California-Pacific Annual Conference, is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Missionary Service at the General Board of Global Ministries in Atlanta, GA, a mission agency of the United Methodist Church.   In this role, Rev. Chung leads the process of recruitment, training, commissioning, and on-going support of 350 missionaries and over 100 individual mission volunteers from everywhere to everywhere with an emphasis on expanding the young adult mission service program.  Rev. Chung who is bi-lingual and bi-cultural is an experienced bridge-builder of different cultures and generations and is passionate about inviting and accompanying people of all ages to participate in God’s mission.



Raising up Local and Global Missionaries: Walking with members through discerning a call to missionary service through accompaniment locally and globally…Many young adults (and older adults) are seeking ways to make a difference in the world and many Christian young adults are interested in putting their faith into action.  How is your church walking with individuals to help them discern their call to mission service – short term or long term?  In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about the current trends of mission and the programs that are available through Global Ministries including the Global Mission Fellows program, a 2-year mission service opportunity for young adults from everywhere to everywhere.  In addition, participants will learn and share about the best practices of developing a culture of call to missionary service in your local congregations and inspiring and inviting every member to be a part of God’s mission.