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Dr. Wes Griffin is a dreamer, visionary, activist, husband, dad, fisherman, and most of all a follower of Christ. His passion is seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. Twenty years ago, God called Wes, his wife Joy, and a team of leaders from around the world to change history by equipping leaders and accelerating the spread of the Gospel. Today, there are over 220,000 ILI alumni in more than 120 nations who are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. For more information and to subscribe to Wes’ weekly e-devotion called Dare to Ask God, visit ILITeam.org. You can also follow Wes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


How to Raise Up Great Mission Leaders in Your Congregation: Every church needs a way to identify and develop great mission leaders from within your congregation. Wes Griffin and Dan Slagle have discovered the keys to finding, training, and empowering the leaders that you need to drive your mission program to go beyond the walls of the local church. 

As a pastor, one of my passions is to see every Christ-followers live missionally, intentionally aligning their life to be used by God in redeeming all of creation. Becoming a missional church begins with missional leaders and I have found that ILI’s 8 Core Values provide the perfect framework and discipleship program for raising up missional leaders who God can use to transform their congregation, community and world.

- Dr. Kenny Ott (Trinity United Methodist Church)