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I am the Community Engagement Coordinator in the Refugee Services Department at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston. I previously worked as a resettlement case worker and I utilize my field experience to create a strong volunteer engagement and community support program at IM. My passion for serving the refugee community is fueled by my experience as an immigrant and someone who is familiar with challenges one faces when moving to a completely different environment. I connect refugees to the local community as I believe that this connection is instrumental in helping refugees make Houston their home and in building a stronger community. I was born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Coimbra, Portugal. I hold a BA in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Administration from Lamar University.


Volunteers DiVersity and SerVice: Best Practices of The Three “V’s: As a non-profit dedicated to "dialogue, collaboration, and service" and "the strength of shared beliefs," Interfaith Ministries' mission seeks to inspire people to serve by activating the values common to people regardless of faith or creed. In our increasingly diverse country, service can unite and bring us closer. In this workshop, we'll share our experiences about building a volunteer base and meeting client needs by activating the spirit of service within all of us.