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An ordained United Methodist minister with over 30 years’ experience as a pastor and leader in churches, university campuses, and non-profit organizations, Gregg is recognized and sought out as a national leader. As a pastor and community architect with Houston: reVision, he shapes the spiritual and communal infrastructure of this innovative organization which connects the city’s most disconnected youth with caring adults, positive peer relationships, and life-changing resources.

Before reVision, Gregg was the pastor of Mercy Street, a diverse community of faith in Houston which creates a safe harbor of radical grace and hospitality for those who feel on the outside looking in when it comes to all things “God” and “church.” He co-hosts the podcast, Reclaimed: Dialogues on Justice and Kinship and writes regularly at He is the board president of the National Association for Christian Recovery and a Fellow with Project CURATE (Center for Urban Reconciliation and Theological Education).


Creating Communities of Kinship: What is the goal of missions? To what end is the church called to serve? What’s the point? This workshop takes a look at compassion’s stirring movement to invite and push us to something more expansive and what that means for how you and your church engage in the world.