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Haley Reiser started with SpringSpirit Baseball 4 years ago as the Director of Youth Ministry. As programs across the areas of mind, body and soul developed, she was given the opportunity to manage the program planning, metrics and reporting for each of those areas for over 800 kids and family members and now serves as the Director of Operations. Her background includes work in education, sports management and summer camp leadership. Originally from Dallas, after graduating from Texas A&M she moved to Houston, has now lived here for ten years and feels right at home!  The mission SpringSpirit Baseball is to provide safe pathways for youth to realize life opportunities through sports, education and mentoring programs based on Christian principles. We accomplish our mission through four distinct, yet interconnected, pathways: (1) providing programs, combined with teaching of the Gospel, designed to grow the mind, body and soul, (2) delivering a first-class sports training and education complex in the heart of the North Spring Branch community, (3) pairing compassionate and caring mentors with our youth, and (4) finding life opportunities that can help participants contribute to their community and society and act as stewards for others.


The Puzzle of Partnership: Why is partnership so difficult? When two or more organizations seem to have shared interests and goals, why do partnerships sometimes end up worse off than they started? Come join us for a workshop that’s not afraid to discuss one of the ministry elephants in the room! You’ll learn equally from the successes and failures of local sports ministry, SpringSpirit Baseball, an organization who relies on partnerships to realize its mission. From idea to execution, you’ll come away with best practices for maintaining healthy and productive ministry partnerships.