Jonathan is a native of Kansas City and at least a 6th generation Methodist, who spent his teenage years living in Germany and is passionate about helping people and churches live out their faith in the world. He enjoys hiking, fly fishing, and doing just about anything with his wife Angie and their six children – Josh, Noah, Addison, Jackson, Christian and Brendan. Jonathan joined the Church of the Resurrection staff in 2001 as Director of Mission Ministries.

He has served across the Church and around the world, and he is now supporting Resurrection’s network of Partner Churches, their collaboration with Saint Paul School of Theology, and their commitment to sharing practical ministry resources for the renewal of the Church on


Sustainable Solutions: The United Methodist Micro-finance Connection: While Methodists have been at the forefront of ministry with the poor for as long as we have existed, we have also applied our fair share of band-aid approaches to poverty that have sometimes done as much harm as good. If you are looking for ways to offer a hand up to people living in poverty – rather than more handouts – this workshop will introduce a denomination-wide initiative that is giving poor families hope in the form of training and access to business capital through local Methodist churches. You’ll learn how you and your congregation can make a lasting difference in the lives of entire communities.