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Mariam Mengistie is the Executive Director of Missions at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida. She has been on staff at St. Luke's since 2008. Originally from Ethiopia, Mariam has diverse work experience in the field of international development aid. She worked for international and regional non-profit organizations in Ethiopia, mainly building networks of local, regional, international non-profit organizations, UN and government agencies working in relief, rehabilitation and development programs.

After obtaining a Master of Arts degree in Politics of Development Policies from the Institute of Social Studies in The Netherlands, she worked as an Advocate and Development Aid Policy Adviser to members of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium until she and her family moved to Florida in 2000. She feels incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to continue working against poverty and social injustice now through a Church, and appreciate the critical layer faith adds to development work. Mariam lives in Orlando with her husband, Nick, and their two daughters - Amber and Abygail. She feels lucky to have a family so passionate about social justice issues! Mariam enjoys "discovering" new music, watching movies, traveling and learning about different cultures with her husband and daughters. 


Mutual Transformation: St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando, has been on a journey for the last 8 years reflecting on our relationships within our mission ministries, asking hard questions, and shifting our filter through which we view service. We are shifting from focusing on the volunteer experience to listening to the community; from being busy to becoming more effective; and from addressing issues to engaging people in specific places. Our goal is to reduce poverty one neighborhood at a time.