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Marilyn Lee. After years of seemingly disparate experiences, God brought everything together for Marilyn in her current role as the Executive Director of Loving Houston. She has education, corporate, nonprofit, and ministry experience, and a BA in Economics and Asian Studies from Rice University. She also received an MBA from the University of San Francisco with a focus in nonprofit management and development economics because of a desire to mobilize churches around community transformation.


Start a Partnership with Your Local Public School: Schools across the country are ASKING for church partners! Loving Houston has studied church-school partnerships and church-school partnership organizations in Houston and across the country, and built relationships with school districts across Greater Houston to learn how churches can partner effectively with local public schools. In this workshop, we will share with you a school partnership ministry strategy based on the best practices and principles we have learned.

Here is the awesome thing about building a relationship with a local school: Not only can you care for the immediate physical and emotional needs of children, but you can also 1) support teachers who are educating generations of students, and 2) empower parents who make up the fabric of that community. By developing a long-term collaborative partnership with a local school, your church has the opportunity to love local students, parents, and educators in a tangible way with the love of Jesus!