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A pastor and an educator, the Rev. Gregory Han is a “half-Asian, Midwestern-raised, Jesuit-educated, Harvard-trained, Texas-residing, Presbyterian Minister.” Since moving to Houston in 1998, Greg worked for a year as a hospital chaplain before spending eight years pastoring Presbyterian congregations. For six years he was on the faculty at St. John’s School in Houston where he taught electives in the study of religion, English courses at the 9th and 12th level, and directed the chapel program. Since summer 2014 he has directed the interfaith and interreligious dialogue, education, and engagement efforts at Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston as Director of Interfaith Relations. He holds degrees from Georgetown University and Harvard Divinity School.


Volunteers DiVersity and SerVice: Best Practices of The Three “V’s: As a non-profit dedicated to “dialogue, collaboration, and service” and “the strength of shared beliefs,” Interfaith Ministries’ mission seeks to inspire people to serve by activating the values common to people regardless of faith or creed. In our increasingly diverse country, service can unite and bring us closer. In this workshop, we’ll share our experiences about building a volunteer base and meeting client needs by activating the spirit of service within all of us.