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Sabrina Rodgers is the US Health Program Manager in the Global Health Unit of the General Board of Global Ministries.  She is a registered nurse with several years of experience in community and public health.  She’s responsible for equipping and empowering churches to nurture spirit, mind, and body in holistic ways as well as building the capacity of the faith community in implementing health programs aimed at transforming congregations and communities.  She is passionate about improving health and leads US component of the UMC’s Abundant Health Initiative.


Healthy Congregations, Healthy Communities: Can this congregation make a meaningful contribution to my life?" Come learn  how churches provide wholistic ministries including health-related programs for their members and their local community. Explore connections to the local, national and global network within the UMC. Review case studies of churches and clergy with effective health programs. Come get new insights for transformational health ministries for your congregations and community.