Tom Bassford


Tom Bassford is the founder and Executive Director of Significant Matters, Inc. He pastored for 30-plus years before starting Significant Matters in 2005. He brings a unique combination of church, not-for-profit, and executive insight in his role. His experience has been in both US and international fields and he has helped churches, businesses, city governments and various other organizations move their charitable work and missional efforts toward more sustainable solutions.


Missions 3.0: Church missions has historically been about mobilizing money and people toward meeting the needs of others.  This type of traditional missions has been essential in providing emergency relief and stability for those in need but have done little to solve fundamental, core social problems in lasting, sustainable ways.  Like so many others in the world, the church is realizing; it’s no longer enough to simply “do good.”  The good we do to help others must rise above relief and intentionally lead to sustainability and transformation or we create dependencies that can actually leave people worse off.  Missions 3.0 is a look at how the church can build the structures and strategies to produce lasting more self-sustaining solutions to the work we do through our mission efforts.